El Patio Mexican Restaurants…Houston’s Club No Minors – a memorable night for everyone.

west-restThe restaurant is called El Patio, a long time Mexican restaurant in the Galleria area that isn’t known for the food as much as their potent Blue Margaritas. Upon arrival through the front door look immediately to your right for the dark little wooden door with no sign, just a paper that reads CLUB NO MINORS taped on it and walk right in. There is little to no lighting just candle lit tables and disco music combined with a Mariachi band. Houstonians have learned many a good lesson after a night at this quaint, innocent looking little establishment. The infamous Blue Margaritas have been the cause of all sorts of milestones in people’s lives: arrests, brawls, break-ups, break-downs, love, impromptu proposals, conceptions, loss of memory and/or minds… and so much more.

el-patio1The Food and Drinks here are just an afterthought; people come here for fun and to let your hair down. The food is OK Tex Mex style. The very potent blue drinks are about 12oz each & cost $9 but definitely cheaper than 5 shots of vodka anywhere else so watch your intake J

History – The infamous Club No Minors The club was opened in the mid-1960’s, when the customer either had to bring in their own liquor or belong to a club in order to partake of adult beverages. A separate room was set aside as the club and membership cards were issued to patrons who paid a set fee for liquor. The door to the club bore the name “Club Villa Sana” in attractive wood lettering. Unfortunately, as the club grew in popularity, the “Villa Sana” part of the sign was taken more than once. Tiring of replacing the sign, only one word “Club” remained. Beneath this sign, a smaller sign – “No Minors” was placed. In time, everyone began to call the room “Club No Minors”. The club is noted for its potent Margaritas – no, we do NOT use Everclear – and the lively Mariachis who play three to four times a week.

I recommend a Yellow Cab as you definitely DON’T want to drink and drive after this place. The cost round trip from our home in Katy is $90. Six passengers can ride for the price of ONE in their spacious mini vans so you can share the cost if you take a group. Yellow Cab needs one hour notice to come to Katy. When they pick you up for the return trip home, call them 20 minutes before you are ready to leave the restaurant.

Located: 6444 Westheimer, Houston, TX 77057. Ph: 713.780.0410.

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