Houston’s City Centre Cooking Classes; right in the heart of the city


Sur La Table located in Houston’s City Centre is my favourite kitchen stores ever.  There simply aren’t enough words to describe the wonders you’ll find here. From a cheese wire, a cake form, a 25 year old balsamic vinegar (yum!) or the most beautiful placemats I’ve ever seen, they only stock the best of everything. For the less willing to invest, Sur La Table carries a private label line of cookware that compares very well with industry favourite All-Clad. If you are not looking for pots and pans, they have nearly every possible kitchen gadget, from the mundane to the arcane. Overall, Sur La Table is full of pleasant surprises, including a posted guarantee to match the price of any local competitor.


INTERESTING: They hold cooking classes everyday of the week in their very large kitchen located in the back of the store. A full calendar is available online with various menus so you can choose your own class of interest including Date Night‘s on the weekends. This particular class focuses on creating romantic culinary adventures for two. Classes include a full meal and take home recipes. You also get to bring your own wine and they will cork it for you. Get a group together for a fun night of great food, lots of memories and learn all about special ingredients to help make your dishes more flavorful. Don’t forget your camer.

Located: Houston – City Centre, 803 Town & Country Blvd. Houston, TX 77024. Ph: 832 282-5900.  www.surlatable.com/

Michelle Sturdevant Realty Group

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