Full Home Staging Consultation CheckList Packet

stagedhome2A staging consultation is the beginning of any home staging process. A professional home stager uses a consultation to evaluate the property from an objective view point, while making suggestions to solve problem areas. This consultation is only for the purposes of getting your home sold, and attracting buyers is the ultimate goal. Setting up an eye-popping lifestyle from the moment a buyer walks into the door will deliver the best results when a seller is looking for multiple offers. Although each home is completely different home stagers are still looking for the same things overall.

The entrance needs to prepare buyers for what is about to come inside the home. Pay close attention to the door jam, door, hinges, and door knob. If the condition of any these items are of poor quality, price some solutions to improve the entrance and start buyers off on the right note. The next portion will depend on your homes layout for the entrance space. If you have a foyer, jot down some ideas for improving the space. For example larger home will attract buyers with a family of three or four members. Can your entry way handle an open storage space with a built-in bench and coat rack. For those without a foyer, look at the first thing a buyers will see walking in and follow the same method of brain storming improvements.

Common areas and bedrooms consist of the most problems, because the amount of usage it handles from home to home isn’t identical. Although you may like the way your rooms are set up and arranged doesn’t mean a buyer will. Taking close notice to these common staging obstacles, can keep the look of disappoint from buyers faces far away from your home. The first two parts are the walls and floors. Ceilings count as a wall in this case because it usually goes untouched when the redecoration process begins. A home stager knows how important the wall colors are in each room to have a successful and completed staged look. Light neutral colors are often the advice for all the rooms in the house to give buyers a balance of color in the home for their furniture and belongings.

Clutter in every room is a huge problem when showing off your home. Removing everything that doesn’t fit the basic function of that space provides buyers with a clean and livable environment. Too much furniture can also become a clutter issue as well. Depending on the size of the space a stager will need to decide on how much furniture is enough to present buyers with an inviting room without showing a space that feels empty. Sellers need to focus on the buyers instead of trying to accommodate seating for their own family. Space planning each room the right way will present a livable area that doesn’t distract buyers. Remember basic pieces of furniture that fits each space will give you the best results.

The lighting in each room needs to have a consistent feel throughout your home. Windows and drapery should match the new colors and have an updated and clean look. Accessories are used to grasp the attention of the buyers on an emotional level. Selling them an unbelievable lifestyle will get you the offers you’re looking for fast. Use a focal point and reference accessories to the colors in the focal point for an amazing look.

Written by Montana Ruark


If you are moving to the Katy Independent School District and looking for information on properties available for sale, please call Michelle Sturdevant at 713 572-5308.  
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