What are the sources of these harmful pollutants in your home?


If you keep the doors and windows   closed, the air in your home is probably more polluted than the air you breathe outside of it. Some of the health effects are nose and throat irritation, eye irritation, nausea and much more serious health conditions.

What are the sources of these harmful pollutants in your home?

Moisture – wet or moist walls and windows. Keep the moisture level in your home around 40%. Use fans to keep the air circulating in the home. On your thermostat for your heating and air conditioning system, switch the fan from auto to on.

Pesticides – in products used to kill pests. Always use household products according to manufacturer’s directions. Do not store pesticides inside home, dispose containers safely.

Lawn and garden products can drift or get tracked inside the house. When applying products wear coveralls and close windows and doors, remove coveralls and shoes before entering your home.

Poorly maintained humidifier, dehumidifier, and air conditioner. Clean and maintain according to manufacturer’s directions.

There is formaldehyde in wood products and furniture made with pressed wood products. Try to avoid purchasing and bringing these products in to your home.

Carbon monoxide from leaking chimneys and furnaces, down-drafting from wood stoves and fireplaces, gas stoves, hot water heaters and furnaces. Have a trained professional inspect, clean, and tune up central heating system annually. Repair any leaks properly. Also Automobile exhaust from attached garages do not allow your vehicle to idle in or near the garage.

Smoke particles from Fireplaces, wood stoves. Have a trained professional inspect, clean flues, and chimneys annually. When you have a fire going, crack open a nearby window for combustion air flow, which will allow the flue or chimney to vent properly.

Many household products including aerosol sprays, cleansers, air fresheners and dry cleaned clothing. Do not store unused products inside home.

Asbestos in older homes, from deterioration of damaged insulation, fire-proofing, or acoustical materials. Use trained and qualified contractors for asbestos clean up.

Radon, it is also a good idea to test your home for radon. Easy home test kits are sold at most hardware and big box lumber stores.

Written by Phil Ahlbrecht


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