Water Conservation – Why Low Flow Shower Heads Are Good For the Environment and You

86524594Water conservation is all about saving water and ultimately saves you money. Enjoying a hot shower is extremely relaxing however; the cost of a hot shower is four fold. There is the cost of the fresh water, water disposal or sewage costs, the cost to heat the water and the time required to take the shower. This article will explain how you can save on all three costs simply by switching to a water saving shower head.

The easiest way to begin conserving water in the shower is to switch to a low flow shower head. The lowest flow shower head that I have easily found delivers 1.6 US gallons per minute (USGPM), which uses 36 percent less water than an average shower head flowing at a rate of 2.5 USGPM. Don’t let the low volume fool you. We have two different water saving shower heads, both provide 1.6 USGPM and there is plenty of water to easily shower in.

Switching to a water saving shower head is one of the easiest things you can do to save money while showering. This is the type of change you do once and it pays you back for as long as you use it. Switching from a 2.5 to a 1.6 USGPM shower head can save a family of four up to 13,000 USG of water per year assuming each person is averaging 10 minutes for their shower. In dollar terms this is approximately $280 based on US averages found on the internet for 2009 in regards to fresh water, sewage and energy costs. For this analysis, I have assumed daily showers, your water temperature is a safe 105 oF (40.5 oC), that your inlet water temperature averages 55 oF (12.8 oC) and you are using an electric water heater.

Another great thing about water saving shower heads is that you do not have to pester the rest of your family to hurry up in the shower. Once the change is completed they can continue to take a long shower but you will know that they are using less water and you are saving 36 % of the cost every time they take a shower. As an example, when I changed my teenage sons shower head from a standard 2.5 to a water saving 1.6 USGPM head, he didn’t mention a thing about it and when I switched my brothers he quite enjoyed the water saving features.

In another article I talk about picking up the pace while you shower. This new habit can save you up to 30 hours per year of shower time. For each person you can convince to reduce their shower time, another 3,000 to 4,500 USG of water and around 60 to 100 dollars per year can be saved depending on the water saving shower head you use.

Written by  Mark Kelly,  Real Estate Agent in Essex County.


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