Michelle’s Tips…15 Ways to Prevent Holiday Season Break-Ins

Michelle’s Tips…15 Ways to Prevent Holiday Season Break-Ins

Prevent Holiday Season Break-InsAccording to the National Sheriff’s Association, your neighbors – not the police – will be the first responders to nearly 80 percent of the crimes happening in a neighborhood. Forming a neighborhood Watch Group tasked at stopping neighborhood crime is a good way to make sure you and the neighbors are all on the same page regarding security.

GET LIGHTS!! Very Important. The cheapest and most efficient security measure you could ever invest in is light. CROOKS ARE DETERRED BY LIGHT!   I urge everyone to install motionMichelle Sturdevant sensors on lights outside so you know if someone is in the area. They should be placed over the garage, in the yard and over the door for when you come home. There could also be lights on all corners of your home a s well as one above the garage and one shining on the front porch. The light above front door should be motion censored. Ground lights are another way so heighten security on the exterior of your home. They don’t put out much light but put out some. Note that if your lights are always on, you may not notice if someone is there. With motion sensors, they are triggered on and you can immediately tell if someone is there. Sensors can be tuned up and down. Go do a reputable hardware store where they are typically well informed and can advise. Maybe someone in the neighborhood who is handy can install.


Motion-Sensor Floodlights1. Motion-Sensor Floodlights – Sometimes, something as simple as a sudden burst of light can scare off burglars. This motion-activated model senses movement up to 40 feet away, and can be set to chime, too. Dusk-to-dawn setting allows the light to automatically turn off in the daytime. About $38, Smart Home ( http://www.smarthome.com )


Amseco Armored Siren Strobe Combination-Blue Strobe2. SSX-52S-B – Amseco Armored Siren Strobe Combination-Blue StrobeThese things are awesome! One review I read “I installed one of these on our house in the mountains and the one in town here as well. As soon as either alarm is activated, I get calls from both my near neighbors and the neighbors far away (in the mountains) to tell me to please check my house. (and please turn my alarm off) I have no doubt that anything that makes that much noise and strobes, will make burglars run. Not only does the noise deter, it also prevents them from hearing approaching police. No alarm system should be without one. More important than monitoring I think”. About $58, Home Security Store (www.homesecuritystore.com )


Wireless-Network-Camera3. Wireless Network CameraGoing away for the holidays? Your home is particularly vulnerable to a break-in. Burglars watch for vacancy signs: accumulating stacks of mail, piles of unretrieved newspapers, and steady-burning or always-off entry lights. You can monitor your home remotely thanks to network cameras like this one. This model allows you to access a live stream of your home on the internet, and the system can be programmed to send an e-mhttp://img2-preview.timeinc.net/content_tool/images/minimize.gifail alert anytime it detects motion. Like many new security products, smartphone apps are available for alerts, too. With built-in recording functionality, if something does happen, you’ll have it all on tape.  About $83, D-Link ( http://mydlink.dlink.com/products/DCS-930L )


Pet-Immune Motion Detectors4. Pet-Immune Motion DetectorsWhat happens when that bump in the night is really just Sparky the family dog? This residential motion detector uses digital technology to prevent false alarms, as it ignores anything weighing less than 60 pounds. It can be integrated with an existing security system, or operate independently to alert you of any unwanted visitors within its range.  About $20, DSC ( http://www.dsc.com/index.php?n=products&o=view&id=1308 )


Driveway Alarm5. Driveway Alarm – Never be surprised with this wireless driveway alarm, which sets off a doorbell-like chime when a vehicle enters your driveway. Got a long driveway? The alarm can communicate with its base device up to 400 feet away, and can sense metal moving within 13 feet of the wireless device. Model designed to detect moving individuals are are great safety upgrade at pool gates in homes where small children are present.  About $68, Home Depot ( http://www.homedepot.com )


Electronic Guard Dog6. Electronic Guard Dog – Scare away trouble with your very own junkyard dog—minus the mess. This model’s sensor works through doors and windows to detect motion in a range of 30 feet, and responds with a realistic barking sound. You’d be surprised how many burglars retreat at the sound of a vicious canine inside. Just make sure the joke’s not on you: large glass panes in entry doors create easy, breakable access to inside locks and handles, and will allow burglars to see there’s no threat of an animal inside.  About $90, Hammacher Schlemmer ( http://www.hammacher.com )


Imitation Security Camera7. Imitation Security Camera – Want the look, but not the price tag or upkeep of a home-security camera? Then consider investing in a decoy, which works to ward off potential buglers by creating the appearance of an extensive, high-tech system. Complete with a blinking LED light, this camera should be mounted outside.  Similarly, home security system signs can be a deterrent to burglars—the Greenwich Study of Residential Security found that homes without indication of alarms were 2.7 to 3.5 times more likely to be burglarized. But stick with a generic sign rather than one branded with a specific company. Many burglars take the time to learn the ins and outs of all the different systems, and can often come up with ways to deactivate or override them.  About $22, ( http://www.shopping.com )


Fake TV8. Fake TV – Burglars often get to know the routines of their targets and see a break in that routine as an opportunity to strike. This device is a low-energy way to make it look like someone’s home with the television on. The light sensor can be set to automatically switch on when it’s dark outside to create a realistic TV-set glow, or you can set the fake TV on a timer to match your regular schedule. (Again, just make sure that a neighbor is picking up your mail and newspapers, as accumulation of deliveries is a big indication you’re trying to trick the tricksters.) Equivalent to the look of a 27-inch HD set, this model uses no more energy than a nightlight. About $30, http://www.faketv.com


Fingerprint Keyless Entry Lock9. Fingerprint Keyless Entry Lock – Keyless entry touch pads have been around for years, but in a high-tech world where password security is often compromised, fingerprint pads give you a little extra protection. The waterproof lock will keep a running record of who accessed your lock, and when. About $600


Mobile Phone Apps10. Mobile Phone Apps – Platinum Protection’s interactive app is one of the more versatile home security applications on the market. For a one-time $60 fee, you can download apps that let you view live and archived video of your home, turn lights on and off, and control home security systems when you’re not at home. For a list of other home security smartphone apps for download = reviews go to http://reviews.cnet.com/8301-19512_7-10258271-233.htmlFree download with Platinum Interactive membership, Platinum Protect  http://www.platinumprotection-alarm.com


 Cross-Bar Police Lock11. Cross-Bar Police Lock – Don’t depend on chain locks to prevent kick-ins or forced entry. If you really want to reinforce vulnerable doors—like the garage entry—use a heavy-duty lock like this one. The double steel bars protect your home from the inside out.  About $179, Nokey ( http://www.nokey.com/foxstylpollo.html )


Shatter-Resistant Window Film12. Shatter-Resistant Window Film – Protect your residential windows from a break-ins with shatter-resistant films from Shatter Safe. Shatter Safe’s line of laminated window films are designed to keep glass from breaking during earthquakes or forced entry. The clear films also help insulate your home by trapping warm air in and keeping cold out. Visit Shatter Safe for pricing information.  Call Toll Free! Shatter Safe U.S.A. TX 888-948-8468. See short Video http://www.shattersafe.com


High-Tech Peephole13. High-Tech Peephole – Burglars often try to force their way into a home through an open door. Never wonder who’s at the door again with this high-definition peephole. It brings your run-of-the-mill viewer into the digital age with a 2.5-inch LCD screen and a panoramic view. You can peek at your entry with the touch of a button, and even zoom in to what’s going on outside.  About $100, Tiger Direct ( http://www.tigerdirect.com ) See Customer Reviews


Home Security System14. Home Security System – Local alarms make lots of noise, but they don’t call for help when you’re in distress. Home security systems from companies like ADT & Smith Thompson monitor for break-ins, fire, and other dangers such as carbon monoxide, when you’re home and when you’re not. Pay a one-time installation fee, and your monthly membership connects you to a 24/7 monitoring service.  Starts about $38 per month, ADT ( http://www.adt.com ), Smith Thompson Security Wireless, $18 per month (www.smiththompson.com )


Generac Home Generator15. Generac Home Generator/Backup Power Supply – Protecting your electronics can protect your family when main power lines go down due to storms—or are cut. A standby generator such as this one from Generac provides enough energy to power a mid-sized home, and switches on automatically when there’s an outage. About $1,800, Home Depot



Article compliments of Michelle Sturdevant, Lake Forest of Kelliwood Security Committee, Katy, Texas

If you are moving to the Katy Independent School District and looking for information on properties available for sale, please call Michelle Sturdevant at 713 572-5308.  
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